Cincinnati skateboarding and junk

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Anonymous: Why'd you do Devin the way you did him at the house when the shit went down? That was dirty and wrong.

I have no problem filling you in on everything that happened. 513-720-2465

Anonymous: When is the next gnarpill release?

Hopefully never

May 15th 14 · 0 notes
@dylanmshelton surfin’  (at Dames n’ Games)
#KinshipDos is getting started (at
May 4th 14 · 0 notes
#WaitWhat @limp_spliffskit  (at HUF)
April 26th 14 · 0 notes
Don’t usually do this, but… @jordanlegrace and @chrisrayfilms killed it on this project! #nugboyforpresident #redirect  (at The Berrics)
Don’t usually do this but @jordanlegrace and @chrisrayfilms killed it on this project! #nugboyforpresident #redirect  (at The Berrics)
@taylorjcaruso with some early morning carnage! #skateboarding #kinshipdos  (at The SIN BIN)
Destination: Long Beach! With a pretty @pintitah and a Butters. (at Catalina Express)
April 17th 14 · 0 notes
Until next time! @zacoyne #accidentalart #2shorttrip (at Chipotle Mexican Grill)
April 11th 14 · 0 notes